Ethiopian Uprising: a Silent Solidarity

Oromo have been demonstrating against government's economic policies in different spots around the world. Oromo are settled in Cairo as refugees and they protested for two weeks in front of the building of UNHCR in October city, the town where I live in. I have a friend from Oromo who lives here in Cairo and she is... Continue Reading →

Urbanization defines my African Identity

Africa is the Sub-Sahara and the countries that located in the north part of the continent are Arab or part of the Middle East or the south of Mediterranean. so the geographical location is a confused issue and that affect the identity of African people. I understand that the  historical experience with  the colonial powers ( from... Continue Reading →

Openness to other culture or abandoning ours!!

  This article made me consider SinoAfrican relations beyond economic interactions that dominate academic writings in this aspect. Xinhua (26 July 2016). Twenty African apprentices are learning Kung Fu, Zen meditation and other traditional Chinese culture at the Shaolin Temple in central China’s Henan Province. The learners from the Republic of Congo, Mauritius and other... Continue Reading →

#ThisFlag: the Nation State Question!

In Zimbabwe, the Pastor Evan Mawarire started to mobilize Zimbabweans against the worse economic and political conditions using the national flag as a symbol of protest. Using the national flag, the symbol of the state that I protest against it raised the question of nation state again. Do I protest against the state structure or just against... Continue Reading →

Africa and Brexit!

Yash Tandon.. one of the main Africanist who believes in African unity… he argues that African countries have an opportunity to renegotiate and reshape its relations with UK after its exit from EU!! here is Tandon's article ' Brexit and the future of EPA' published in Pambazuka.  Brexit and the future of EPA.  

Sudanese youth broke down stereotype in Cairo!

It might be the first time, Egyptian people in downtown witnessed black/ African people who gave them food…. Egyptians used to imagine black people/ other African people are poor and usually need a help…. but this time, Sudanese young activists walked around in downtown distributed food and drinks to ُEgyptian pedestrians. this Sudanese initiative broke... Continue Reading →

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