Resistance Flags: Oromo, Biafra and Libya

Yesterday, in African Studies Center (Leiden University), there was a seminar about how Nigerian popular culture captured Biafra war.  the seminar was by Rantimi Jays Julius-Adeoye, Department of Theatre and Film Studies, Redeemer’s University, Nigeria and discussant was Okey Ndubueze, he is Nigerian professor originally from Biafra area. what caught my eye in the presentation is the flag of Biafra... Continue Reading →


Holland is the dragon of water studies

The picture of the Afsluitdijkthe, the oldest constructed dam in Netherlands, retrieved from When I got admission at Leiden University for phd I was excited because I will be able to communicate with the African Studies Center in the University, where specialized professors and rich library. Nevertheless, Netherlands has strong experts in water issues... Continue Reading →

The Nile: Ethiopian and Egyptian narrativesالنيل سرديات إثيوبية وأخرى مصرية

the Article I published in Egyptian newspaper ( shorouknews) after I had attended the  event "Let's talk about water" that hosted by UNESCO-IHE in delft on saturday 11/2/2017. نشر فى : الجمعة 17 فبراير 2017 - 9:55 م | آخر تحديث : الجمعة 17 فبراير 2017 - 9:55 م يُطلق على نهر النيل أو بشكل... Continue Reading →

‘Africanist’ Scholar Community in Egypt

Last September,  I was invited to friends/family gathering at Dr.Hedar Ibrahim Aly's place here in Cairo.  This gathering was a kind gesture by Dr.Hedar and his wife to thank who supported and prayed for him in his ailment. Dr. Heder is a sociologist has contributed in Sudanese thoughts mainly in criticizing the Islamism in Sudan. At Dr.Hedar's... Continue Reading →

Urbanization defines my African Identity

Africa is the Sub-Sahara and the countries that located in the north part of the continent are Arab or part of the Middle East or the south of Mediterranean. so the geographical location is a confused issue and that affect the identity of African people. I understand that the  historical experience with  the colonial powers ( from... Continue Reading →

Openness to other culture or abandoning ours!!

  This article made me consider SinoAfrican relations beyond economic interactions that dominate academic writings in this aspect. Xinhua (26 July 2016). Twenty African apprentices are learning Kung Fu, Zen meditation and other traditional Chinese culture at the Shaolin Temple in central China’s Henan Province. The learners from the Republic of Congo, Mauritius and other... Continue Reading →

#ThisFlag: the Nation State Question!

In Zimbabwe, the Pastor Evan Mawarire started to mobilize Zimbabweans against the worse economic and political conditions using the national flag as a symbol of protest. Using the national flag, the symbol of the state that I protest against it raised the question of nation state again. Do I protest against the state structure or just against... Continue Reading →

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