Brand Industries and Shea producing in Ghana


The African Studies Center shared in its newsletter, field work story from Ghana where is the center of Shea production in the world.

The story is by Alice Kubo is a PhD candidate in the research project Society and Change in Northern Ghana: Dagomba, Gonja, and the Regional Perspective on Ghanaian History.

such research work made me stop a while before buying cosmetics from well-known brands such as the Body Shop or products on shelves of popular shops around the city corners.

I have to ask myself not if the ingredients of lotion or cream or shampoo and proper to my skin but what is the story behind producing this cosmetic? where is it produced and by whom?

I think the manufacture place should refer to the origin country produced the core ingredients or a list of all countries or communities contributed in producing the product.

Here is the link of the article by Alice entitled Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurship training in the Ghana Shea Industry.


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  1. Hey, super interesting article. I agree we focus a lot on the health and environmental impacts of products, but we really need to look at it holistically (i.e. conditions of the people making the product too). In this case though it seems like there are a lot of small producers making a living producing these shea products – but they don’t have the proper training/education to do it safely? Therefore the issue is to really push the major companies to either provide education or create standards for working conditions?

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