Resistance Flags: Oromo, Biafra and Libya

Yesterday, in African Studies Center (Leiden University), there was a seminar about how Nigerian popular culture captured Biafra war.  the seminar was by Rantimi Jays Julius-Adeoye, Department of Theatre and Film Studies, Redeemer’s University, Nigeria and discussant was Okey Ndubueze, he is Nigerian professor originally from Biafra area.

what caught my eye in the presentation is the flag of Biafra resistance movement. the symbols in the flag are similar to Libyan and Oromo flags and that let me ask myself what is the connection of resistance movements from the North to East to the West of Africa?!

in the Biafran flag , there is sun in the center like the Oromo flag…. yes, peoples of two groups are in contestation with their governments to attain their independence as a coherent autonomous group and the hope motivates their continuous movement.

images                       et-olf

and the colors and order of them is similar to the Libyan flag that was designed after independence from  Italy and then changed and back after the Libyan revolution in 2011- yes I know the colors of flags in many countries after independence are similar  but what I’m looking for here the insistence of Libyans after the revolution to back to the first flag which is a symbol of struggle and how it is like the Biafran one…. might be there is another interpretation I have not reached until now!

images                                       Flag_of_Libya.svg


what I’m thinking is there is inspiration or illusion among resistance movements across the continent.






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