Holland is the dragon of water studies


The picture of the Afsluitdijkthe, the oldest constructed dam in Netherlands, retrieved from https://www.theafsluitdijk.com/projecten/reinforcement-locks/

When I got admission at Leiden University for phd I was excited because I will be able to communicate with the African Studies Center in the University, where specialized professors and rich library.

Nevertheless, Netherlands has strong experts in water issues that extended to African countries.  So I found in Dutch academic institutions my research purpose which is about the Nile.

The topography of Netherlands below the sea levels, made the country struggling with floods, thus the Dutch innovated canals and build dams and dikes to save their lands for life and planting. Check this website for more information: http://dutchdikes.net/history/
also, we can note the suffix of Dam in the name of many Dutch cities such as Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Also what’s funny, the name of “dijk” means Dike is familiar here!

This ancient experience to control water flows made Netherlands a home of hydrologic knowledge. Moreover, it has spread over this experience to other countries mainly to developing countries. It is worth noting that the Dutch Ministry of foreign Affairs has a specialized department of Environment and water.

Therefore, I started to look for Dutch organizations tackle the Nile issue and I found a treasure!! I explored institutes, departments and organizations that work on water not only from the engineering background but from political and anthological aspects as well.

Here is the links of some Dutch institutions available in English language, there are others but in Dutch. and I will update the list whenever I reach new ones.



  • Via Water


  • Aqua for all


  • Netherlands Water Partnership


  • Women for Water Partnership


  • Afrialliance




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