Ethiopian Uprising: a Silent Solidarity


Oromo have been demonstrating against government’s economic policies in different spots around the world.

Oromo are settled in Cairo as refugees and they protested for two weeks in front of the building of UNHCR in October city, the town where I live in.

I have a friend from Oromo who lives here in Cairo and she is active in showing Oromia rights, demands and culture to Egyptians. so she with other Oromo activists participate in different cultural events that took place in Cairo and they present themselves ” we are Ethiopian from Ormoia”.

Some historical narratives claim that there is blood ties between Egyptian (mainly Nubian) and Oromo. Additionally, there was a historical support by Egyptian governments to Oromo. (I need to read carefully about this relation).

Also, I have Ethiopian friends who belong to other ethnicities and they live in their home in Addis Ababa. But I can not dare to ask them about their opinion of Oromo and Amharic demonstrations … though I believe that some of them are against government brutality.

In a group of the Nile people, we show and send supportive thoughts to anyone in the group faces any troubles and to his/her country that passed through  natural or political or terrorist disasters…. but with Ethiopian demonstrations, no one in the group including myself has been shared our supportive thoughts until now!!!!

I feel the stressed political relation between Ethiopia and Egypt due to GERD and Eritrea curb my supportive position to Oromo rights.

I feel that I’m in a dilemma; I need to express my support to Oromo/ Amahric rights and movements loudly and in active way on the social media as I used to do with Egyptian revolutionists….. but I’m afraid that may mess up the relation with Ethiopia; because I adopt the track of  developing peaceful and open relations with Ethiopian as the best way to manage the Nile issue … but the Ethiopian government has a rooted belief that Egyptian government works to destabilise Ethiopian state through supporting Oromo !!! On the other side, I ‘m afraid when I ask and share the supportive positions of my Ethiopian friends who live in Addis Ababa to create troubles to them… still, Ethiopia nor Egypt are not democratic countries that guarantee the right of expression.

Until I found a way to support Oromo rights explicitly…. my position is a silent solidarity!


*the photo by REUTERS/DARRIN ZAMMIT and I retrieved from this website







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