#ThisFlag: the Nation State Question!

In Zimbabwe, the Pastor Evan Mawarire started to mobilize Zimbabweans against the worse economic and political conditions using the national flag as a symbol of protest.

Using the national flag, the symbol of the state that I protest against it raised the question of nation state again.

Do I protest against the state structure or just against the government policies? I am thinking that this flag is used by officials  as a symbol of their loyalty to the state and they never attain policies caused hardship to the people.

while the Pastor chose it as a united symbol representing all Zimbabwean citizens and they should be around it and be their target for better life.

the flag is an abstract component of the nation-state, so it can be manipulated by statemen and citizens and in nationalist and in revolutionary situations.

at the beginning of Egyptian Revolution- 25th of January 2011- there was no dominant  image/visionary symbol, however , the slogan of life, bread, social justice was the symbol of revolution, then the flag showed up in Tahrir Square, then after Mubarak stepped down some  ordinary citizens painted their balconies with the flag colours.

but the flag has not guaranteed the unity of the Egyptian nation aftermath, conversely, each political fractions used it to claim its nationality and betray the others , so the flag didn’t mobilize politicians to attain one nation state.

I don’t know, it might the Zimbabweans’ perception to their Flag is different from ours here in Egypt!!


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