I used to visit the luxury part of Maddi where cosy restaurants and cafes are… but this time I followed my Ethiopian friend suggestion to eat from lovely Ethiopian cuisine
In popular area in Maddi, a local restaurant in long crowded street with different shops of Ethiopian accessories, dress and barber…..There, Egyptian faces are quite irregular, the majority of the street’s residents are Ethiopian mainly Oromo refugees…..we enjoyed eating Sambosa; Injera with Zigni and Kitfu then drinking Jebena .

if you would like to visit part of Ethiopia, just go to Ahmed Zaki Street in Maddi and Enjoy.

After 2 months of my visit to Ethiopian (Oromo) street in Maddi, I explored the Sudanese street. with a group of my family, we were looking for a Sudanese woman who is an artist in drawing Henna ( a tradition we (Nubian) share with Sudanese before wedding ceremony). her house is located in El-Safa and Elmarwa street that is full of specialized Sudanese boutiques selling  wedding clothes and stuff. and the most of the residents in the street are Sudanese without a clear differentiation between who belongs to the North or to the South Sudan.




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