Trans-boundary water activism: People’s engagement in managing a critical resource

my piece about water activism in Africa with focusing on the Nile basin, released today on Pambazuka special issue ( Activism in Africa).. welcome your comments. In Africa, water activism is characterized by building collective visions and sharing knowledge and experiences about the resource. But targeting state water policies and agitating for reform does... Continue Reading →

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In Tuti Island.. Welcome the Nile flooding

I'm a fan of the Sudanese singer Hamad El Rih. he has a song with a nice tempo and I looked to its lyrics I found the story of Tuti Island and how the community face the Nile flooding. therefore, I intended to visit this island when I visit Sudan. My Sudanese friend Hawa arranged a... Continue Reading →

Being in Sudan.. excited and frustrated!

My first time in Sudan was last April. Though I'm from Aswan and have a Nubian origin and part of my extended family in Sudan, I have never been in Sudan. before my visit, as a part of participating in a workshop then conducting a fieldwork, I had feelings of frustration and excitement. I was... Continue Reading →

Water Wars.. a need to unpack concepts

Two days ago, a group of prominent scholars specialized in water studies published an article in NORDIC SHADES OF AFRICA about the rising narrative of water wars which prevailing in Media. The scholars urge media to adopt cooperation discourse over water challenges in transboundary basins. I understand how media plays a role to escalate the conflict and move it... Continue Reading →

Do I belong to the Nile?!

In my fieldwork in Addis Ababa, I visited the Office of National Council for Coordination of Public Participation on Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD). The media communication officer explained to me the mandate of the office and the activities to mobilize Ethiopian people to fund the dam.... and he showed me pictures from different events across... Continue Reading →

You Don’t have information!

After I back from my first phase of fieldwork, I had a meeting with my supervisor discussing what was going on in the field and the preliminary findings; obviously, the recent escalation of latent conflict among the three Blue Nile countries was part of our trials to analyze the situation. then my supervisor told me "you [Egypt]... Continue Reading →

Water in Egypt Vision 2030 and Ethiopia 2020 المياه في رؤية مصر 2030 وإثيوبيا 2020

This opinion article I published in Shorouk newspaper to map how both Ethiopia and Egypt allocate water issue in their development strategies. my conclusion is both of countries do not mention/consider in their development vision that the Nile is a sharing resource that acquires transboundary cooperation first!. تتمثل إشكالية التنمية فى أن وصفة واحدة تصلح... Continue Reading →

Being an Academic scholar out of the nation borders

As a graduate of political science and working in political science academia, I am usually questioning the objectives of my researches; are they for national interests or reforms or they are for promoting abstract values and universal principles?! I graduated from political science school and my career is doing researches and teaching in the field of political science.  the mission of the faculty I... Continue Reading →

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